Easy Scholarships to Apply For

Finding easy scholarships to apply for is a key strategy when searching for ways to fund your college years. The cost of tuition is rising all the time, and most families can no longer afford to send their sons and daughters off to a four-year university. But a wide range of scholarship opportunities exist within the United States, and each is dedicated to helping deserving individuals obtain their degree and embark on a rewarding career.

In the following article, we’ll look at some scholarships with requirements that almost anyone can meet. You may only need to write an essay to qualify, or you may only be called on to fill out an application. Since there’s no limit to the number of scholarships you can apply for, you’d be foolish not to take advantage of all of these.

Americanism Essay Contest

Each year, students in grades 7 through 12 (as well as those who are home schooled) are eligible to enter the Americanism Essay Contest held by the FDR National Committee on Americanism-Patriotism. The winner of the national prize will receive a $10,000 savings bond, while the top three runners-up will be awarded savings bonds between $5,000 and $2,000. Additional prizes are also awarded at the regional and branch levels of the contest.

To be eligible, a student must be sponsored by a branch or member of the FRA. The theme of the essay contest changes each year, with the latest being announced in July.

Easy Scholarships to Apply For

The FRA is a non-profit organization comprised of current or former members of the Coast Guard, Navy, and Marine Corps. Founded in 1924, their function is to work with the U.S. Congress to represent members of the armed forces who serve on the sea.

Elks National Foundation Most Valuable Student

The Elks National Foundation annually awards 500 four-year scholarships ranging in value from $1,000 to $15,000 per year. In order to win these national prizes, applicants will first have to advance through the local, district, and state competitions. Even if a student doesn’t win a national prize, they may still receive scholarships at these lower levels.

Winners of the Most Valuable Student scholarships will be chosen by factors including financial need, scholastic achievements, and leadership. The student must also pursue a four-year degree while attending school on a full-time basis. To be eligible, a student must be in high school and a citizen of the United States. There are separate contests for male and female applicants, and affiliation with a member of the Elks Club is not required. New scholarship applications are available in the fall of each year.

Horatio Alger Association Scholarship

When it comes to easy scholarships to apply for, the requirements set by the Horatio Alger Association are some of the least demanding. Established in 1947, the Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans is a non-profit organization dedicated to proving that the American dream is alive and well. In order to qualify for one of their annual scholarships, students must have at least a 2.0 GPA and demonstrate a strong financial need. There is no cost to apply, and ACT or SAT scores aren’t even factored into the process.

Applicants will be required to write three essays. The first is a 250 to 350 word essay discussing their hardships and adversities faced by the applicant. The next is a 250 to 350 essay discussing the applicant’s goals for the future. The final essay is 150 to 200 words, and the student must compare elements of their life with that of a member of the Horatio Alger Association (bios for living members can be found on their official website).

Scholarship money can be used for room and board on campus, tuition and fees, as well as summer schooling and books. Checks will be sent directly to your university. Students must work towards an undergraduate degree at an accredited four-year university. A two-year university is also eligible if credits can then be transferred to a four-year institute. Online colleges are not eligible. Any major can be pursued.

In some states, the student will be required to attend a specific university. In Louisiana, for example, a recipient of the Horatio Alger Association Scholarship must study at a college located in the state. Idaho resident must choose between Lewis-Clark State College, North Idaho College, or the University of Idaho.

Wells Fargo CollegeSTEPS and Student Education Resources Sweepstakes

The financial services company offers 20 annual prizes of $1,000 each. To be eligible, you must either be enrolled in high school, college, home school, or trade school. You must also be 13 years or older and a legal resident of the United States.

High school students will receive their cash awards under the CollegeSTEPS program, while Student Education Resources Sweepstakes are held for those already enrolled in an institute of higher education. The same application form is used for both.

Once the entry deadline has passed, the 20 winners will be chosen by random drawing. While this $1,000 prize boils down to luck, it’s a perfect opportunity for any student to build up their educational fund.

NextStepU Sweepstakes

Another random drawing, the NextStepU Sweepstakes gives out a grand prize scholarship of up to $10,000, or the winner can choose to accept $500 in cash. The exact amount of the scholarship prize is determined by either the cost to attend the winner’s university for one year or the total unmet aid from the student’s financial aid letter. The winnings will be sent to the student’s university in the form of a check.

Entry forms can be found on the NextStepU website, inside their magazine, or the applicant can write their info on a 3×5 postcard and mail it in. To be eligible, you must be a legal resident of the U.S. or Canada, be 14 or older, and either be enrolled in college, planning to enroll within three years, or have the ability to transfer the winnings to a student.

Now that you’re familiar with some of the easy scholarships to apply for, you can busy yourself with filling out applications and brushing up on your essay writing skills. With a little luck, you’ll soon find yourself awash in extra cash for college.

by Shane Rivers

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