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Here’s a list of other sites that might be of interest to our readers. These websites were chosen based on editorial standards. Some of the sites on this page are managed by us; others are from other webmasters. All of them offer high quality information with minimal advertising.

  • The ACT Test – Official site for the organization that administers the ACT test.
  • The ADDA – Official site for the Attention Deficit Disorder Association.
  • ADDitude – Resources and strategies for people with Attention Deficit Disorder.
  • The Atlantic – A literary magazine that also features insights into the news and current events.
  • Average ACT Score – Describes what the ACT is, what kind of scores are considered average, exceptional, etc. Also offers some test-taking tips and strategies for students taking the ACT.
  • The College Board – Their goal is to help students go to college, just like ours is. They’re an older, broader site, though–we offer a more narrow focus here, of course.
  • Discover Magazine – One of the more interesting and colorful science magazines aimed at the general population.
  • Free College Classes – You can take all kinds of college classes on the Internet for free. This directory lists dozens, maybe even hundreds, of free college courses that are available on the Internet. They’re organized by subject matter.
  • Forbes Top Colleges – The top universities according to Forbes magazine.
  • HistoryNet – A great site for history students, or anyone else who wants to learn more about history, for that matter. They also publish the magazine Civil War Times, Vietnam, and Wild West.
  • Men’s Health – Appropriate for men of all ages. Entertaining and well-written information about maintaining your health if you’re a man.
  • Mental Floss – Interesting and pithy articles offering facts and trivia on a wide variety of subjects.
  • Monster – One of the best places on the Internet to use for a job search.
  • The Nation – A weekly news source with a liberal perspective on United States current events.
  • National Geographic – Learn about our world and our place in it with the official site related to the magazine of the same name.
  • The New York Review of Books – If you’re interested in the state of literature in the modern world, this is a must-visit site. Features an archive of the print magazine along with many online book reviews.
  • Popular Science – A great resource for science students, this is the official site for the magazine of the same name.
  • Pursuing Trivia – A fan site for people who love the board game Trivial Pursuit. The site features some interesting articles about trivia related to various subjects.
  • Quotes and Sayings – A database of cool things various people throughout history have said. Includes a searchable database of quotes, quotations, and sayings, from multiple websites.
  • School Library Journal – They review books and multimedia aimed at children and teenagers.
  • Science Daily – Constantly updated source of science news and research findings.
  • Scientific American – News and articles about science related topics.
  • Smithsonian Magazine – The magazine related to the famous museum. Features articles about people, places, science, art, history, and more. Very educational.
  • US News College Rankings – Rankings of colleges and universities from one of the most respected news sources in the USA.
  • Writer’s Digest – A guide to getting published, for freelance writers of all stripes.

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