Psychology Major Scholarships

Psychology is a popular major, a catch-all for undergrad students unsure of exactly what they want to do in the medical field or as a therapist, but sure that they want a general education in the human mind. Students fascinated by psychology and the human psyche pursue a degree in psychology when they want to study human behavior, become a psychologist or therapist, or even pursue careers as a substance abuse counselor or any other form of counseling. A degree in psychology usually requires further studies at the graduate level to expand the scope of your abilities as a therapist, and wil involve continuing education throughout your chosen career. That means a career in this field can be very expensive indeed.

Psychology Major Scholarships

Psychology Major Scholarships

Yes, psychology majors have plenty of career options to pick from, especially if they go on to graduate school, but even those students who earn a four-year degree in this field and go right to work in this area of study will face the typically high costs of a college education. Psychology majors are an important part of our society: they help us improve ourselves. There are so many fields related to psychology, a full list of them would take up this entire page. There are clinical psychiatrists, plain old psychologists, all types of counselors and social workers, and even professionals in business and other careers who use their psychology degree to enhance their abilities as a corporate employee.Yes, college is expensive, and there are tens of thousands of psychology majors in any given year, but there are tons of funding packages and scholarships available from many different sources to help you pay for your degree in psychology. Common sources for psychology major scholarships are the psychology departments at four-year colleges as well as psychology foundations and professional organizations looking to support students pursuing that first degree in this field. Continuing education awards are available for graduate research and travel to other countries to study psychology from different cultural perspectives. Another lucky point for students of psychology: general scholarships in fiels like science, health, social services, and even technology apply to students pursuing this sort of career.

How to Prepare to Earn Psychology Scholarships

You should prepare to earn financial aid for a degree in this field the same way you’d prepare for any financial award. Maintain a good GPA (3.0 on a 4 point scale is considered good in the eyes of most award committees and admissions departments), stay out of legal trouble, perform community service, and work or volunteer in a field related to psychology. The more letters of recommendation and personal accolades you earn along the way, the better.

Since psychology is a human interest science, participation in extra-curricular clubs related to science will look great on aid applications and college apps as well. Working in the office of a counselor or psychologist could give you access to aid packages not otherwise offered, and if you’re lucky, you may end up developing a relationship with a working psychologist willing to help privately fund your education.

2 Examples of Psychology Major Scholarship Offers

Don’t make the misake of thinking that these few examples represent every possible award in this field; this is a representative sample. Browse through this list then start your own search. You can have your degree in psychology paid for in full if you’re willing to put in the work and find the funding you need.

1. Workforce Shortage Student Assistance Grant Program

Psychology students attending school or living in Maryland can apply for the Workforce Shortage Student Assistance Grant Program, the purpose of which is to help fill huge gaps in that state’s need for qualified and highly skilled workers in many areas, including therapy and psychology. The main criteria for these awards are academic performance and the signing of an agreement requiring a student to use their education in an eligible program to work for the state of Maryland or as part of the Maryland workforce. Scholarship assistance ranges from a few hundred bucks to full four-year tuition awards to those with high financial need. As of this writing, eligible fields are child care, human services, teaching, nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and just about any form of government or public service. Click the link above for more details and to start the application process. Other states have similar programs, so if you don’t live or go to school in Maryland, check with your own state agencies to find similar funding.

2. American School Health Association Scholarship

Through a series of scholarships, the American School Health Association (known as ASHA) hands out tons of cash in the form of financial assistance to students whose academic and professional goals are focus on the physical and mental well-being of teenagers and children. This year, ASHA awarded thirty such scholarships of $1,000 annually, renewable for up to four years, to students specializing in the fields of school health education, nursing, and pediatric or adolescent medicine, psychology, counseling, or dentistry. ASHA is willing to award other specializations as well, on a case by case basis. The main criteria for handing out these awards is a letter of recommendation from a teacher or mentor attached to the application available at the above link that explains the student’s goals and how they relate to the health of young people. If you win one of these ASHA awards, you’ll also automatically be given a complimentary one-year ASHA membership and an expenses-paid trip to the ASHA annual conference for your award presentation.

Psychology is a wide-ranging field, and the need for trained counselors and psychologists is growing each year. Plenty of aid is available to help you earn your degree in psychology and related fields. You just have to do a little bit of legwork to get the applications turned in, and be sure to apply for as many awards as possible, since competition is fierce.

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